6 Myths About Board Portals

In spite of the fact that virtual platforms for companies are becoming more and more popular in the business world, there are still many misconceptions about their practical use. Some of them have a real basis for their existence, and some of them are pure fiction. What are the popular myths about the use of virtual portals for the organization of the work of the Board of Directors, and how they can affect the welfare of the company as a whole – read our material.


Why are there misconceptions about the principles of virtual boards?

The basis for the emergence of certain misconceptions about the work of specific technologies has a real basis. However, the basis for such misconceptions could have arisen in the beginning of the use of a particular product, so over time they were either minimized or generally lost their importance. Nevertheless, in today’s world there are still some myths concerning the work with boardroom software.


Lack of data protection

Some users believe that virtual platforms are unable to effectively protect corporate data. This myth has no real basis, as many events in recent years have shown that cloud technologies are not as secure as previously thought. Despite the vulnerability, cloud computing is still the most secure technology available today, with improvements being made by developers all the time.


High Cost

Some companies, especially those starting out or with little turnover, say that it is too expensive to use virtual whiteboards. In practice, however, the opposite is true – more traditional on-premises infrastructures today cost far more to maintain than server technology.


Too complex interface

There is an opinion that the more options a program offers, the more complicated it is to use. This myth also has no real basis, since leading developers are constantly working to make software for companies easier to use. As a result, there are quite a few solutions on today’s market with varying levels of complexity for users.


Installation takes too long

In fact, installing new software on corporate user devices takes no more than a few minutes – simply installing special plug-ins (and not always) and accepting all the agreements from the developers. Learning the functionality also does not take much time – it is enough to carefully study the control panel.


Difficulties during the transition to the new software

Just as unfounded is the opinion that migrating corporate data to new servers and programs can be too long and difficult. In fact, many quality workflow platforms offer convenient options for migrating and automatically formatting data in batch format.


Such platforms may not be suitable for everyone

This is another popular misconception. As in previous cases, it has no real basis – almost all popular workflow platforms have a universal interface and set of options that can be used in various companies regardless of the specifics of their activities.